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1 guard guard

For access to personnel to strict verification, and according to the customers for the relevant units receive a visitor registration system strictly fulfill the formalities of registration and forbidden irrelevant personnel inside.

Carry out strict inspection and verification of goods and materials carried by persons and vehicles.

Grooming and access to vehicles and pedestrians, clean up the responsibility of the gate area personnel, to ensure the smooth flow of vehicles, personnel access without resistance.

Assist customer management units of workers work attendance, with relevant departments to do a good job, people visiting reception work, in case of visitors shalt thou indeed urgently needed for, to timely communication work.

To help clients find security hidden danger, plug the loopholes, improve the prevention of production, improve security capabilities, the initiative to cooperate with the company's work to defend the department.

2 guard work

Protection of personal safety, protection of property security, maintaining the normal order of the customer unit.

3 patrol work

Maintain normal order and security around the patrol area and protect the target.

Prevention, detection and suppression of all kinds of illegal and criminal acts.

Timely detection of various suspicious circumstances, and arrested the current criminal suspects.

Check and find the loopholes in prevention.

Handling of unexpected events or accidents.

4.4 security personnel security services

Including security guard services, security guard services and security patrols and other services. Company according to the different characteristics of enterprises, residential property, factories, shopping malls, and institutions unit formulated corresponding service of the security guard, guard services and patrol services program, sent a professional security personnel to provide security services.

Security service

Company vigorously develop technology service, and strive to improve the scientific and technological content of the security service, give full play to science and technology in the prevention of illegal crime, active role to ensure that customer safety, and gradually form a civil air defense, physical defense, anti technology combine the comprehensive prevention network.