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Advantage one: diversified services

Group consists of Guangdong marketing security services Co., Ltd., Guangzhou to protect property management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou to protect Industrial Co., Ltd., to create a diversified services.

Advantage two: management experience advantage

Security services company has a wealth of management experience, and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with a number of cooperative units, the security rate reached 100%, the customer praise rate reached 99%.

Advantage three: advantage of company system

The company uses the empirical analysis, integrated use of multiple disciplines, for the financial services industry security features, developed a set of perfect quality management system of financial services. In particular, the establishment of foreign ministry, specializing in the financial sector security services, and special operations for special projects, one to one service.

Advantage four: technical support

The company set up the "Internet command center" communication network combined with modern electronic anti-theft alarm equipment for the cooperation of customers to provide convenient networking alarm service (24 hours someone on duty).

Advantage five: emergency team advantage

In response to the increasingly complex society, the company set up an emergency team in each service area, so as to ensure that the first time to the scene in an emergency.

1 people   people -30; 10-30 minutes to reach the scene

31 people   people -60; 30-60 minutes to reach the scene

61 people   people -100; 2 hours to arrive at the scene

Advantage six: professional service advantage

Company set up under the security vocational training center, has a complete and detailed security services training plan is specified by the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Security vocational training center, and national security certificate of qualification of the member that is designated training institutions, has Guangzhou culture of more than 5000 qualified security guards.

Advantage seven: enterprise hardware advantage

Company has three qualifications of civil air defense, anti technology and vocational training in a body of professional security service enterprises, and through ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 international standard certification.

Advantage eight: after-sales service advantage

Launched nationwide unified customer service phone, 24 hours have special check-in, to provide complete and timely and thoughtful service for the customer, satisfy customers high standards, many changes, the rapid expansion of the service demand.